Jennefer Hoffmann

Jennefer Hoffmann is an artist. Her work deals with spontaneity and contemplation, and the energy and repose found in people and clay. Born in Toronto, Canada, Jennefer moved to New York to attend Parsons school of Design. Afterwards, she worked for many years with fashion designers such as Duckie Brown, A Detacher, BLESS in Paris and most significantly, Miguel Adrover whom she started a business with in 1999 to great acclaim. Within the work of Miguel, she helped define what would come to be the bases of her ceramic practices: the continual discovery and rediscovery of the community around her as an inspiration and drive to work; the use of new configurations of ancient materials like fabric and clay; the telling of unexpected stories; the quiet resonance of feelings in things. "I like to use every bit,” she says: “every leftover piece. We are made up of all of the bits they all end up stuck to us somehow, making us what we become and what we have yet to turn into.”

Hoffmann has been making work at the Hyde Park Art Center for the last 4 years. She currently lives and works on the South Side of Chicago with her two daughters Maude and Apollonia.

Photo credit:
Keirnan Monaghan
Theo Vamvounakis

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